I have been a Professional Photographer for over twelve years in Port-au-Prince,Haiti, where I was born and raised.


I choose Photography because it‘s not only a Passion but I found that it's a Powerful tool, and its impact in the World & Around us is something that we cant deny…

Visual person (and proud Haitian, can we say?) that I am, I tend to see beyond those facts. Haiti is a quite beautiful and remarkable land known for its high mountains. As a Haitian, I am still amazed by Mother Nature and I know that my country has a lot of potential and positive aspects to be taken into consideration. Nine months after the earthquake I volunteered to work next to talented Irish photographers on a project called "BRAND HAITI," which aimed to build and share a network of positive images of Haiti, similar to a successful project implemented in South Africa.


Since the earthquake in January 2010, I have been able to work with many of the visiting reporters and have had the opportunity to learn from some of the world's best photojournalists..That experience widened my vision of things.

Before that, most of my photographs were of nature, but since the project I have started taking pictures of people in the countryside and in city markets; I have photographed the vibrant tap-tap buses in Port-au-Prince and the carnival celebrations in Jacmel. These images tell the other side of the story: life in Haiti is not all destruction and despair. My dream is to show others how beautiful Haiti is through Exhibitions or Presentations. In the near future I hope to gather the best shots to create my first photography book, which will be called This Is Haiti